01: First encounter

It was the first day of Autumn. Sun was running out of strength and leaves were covering every path. There were two kinds of people… the first one loved Autumn the others hated it. That were especially the students. But there were few who had better thing to do than to think about Autumn:

“Hey, with which class are we?”

“How about we ask 8.C?”

“No, I want to be with 8.F!”

“But I’ve heard that they are working with 8.D.”

“Nah 8.D is working with 8.A.”

“I heard that 8.A is working with 8.B!”

“Everyone calm down! First of all 8.A is definitely working with 8.D, second of all we don’t know anyone from 8.B so they are out of question which leads us to… 8.C and 8.F,”  stood up Timothy Harris.

“And how do you know that Timmy?”

“From my secret source,” smiled Timmy which actually made the whole class to shiver because Timmy hardly smiles. “Let’s vote.” It was a tie because of Thomas Andrews.

“On which side are you Tom?”

“No offense Timmy but even if we vote shouldn’t we ask the other classes first?” answered Thomas logically.

“The ones who were for 8.C… go ask them and who were for 8.F… you guys go,” divided Timmy each groups job. “What should I do about you, Tom?”

“And what about you?” smirked Thomas.

“You got me there,” laughed Timmy. Timmy could be himself only if Thomas was around. “I have to go to my old man’s house.”

“Busy hmm… well I have something to do as well so see ya tomorrow!” waved Thomas to Timmy as he was going through the door. Thomas headed to the lockers. He was quite in a hurry. He was meeting with Christopher Denski, his childhood friend. While Thomas was checking his mobile phone he crashed into someone.

“Oh sorry,” apologized quickly Thomas and helped that person to pick up the books.

“That’s fine,” said a blonde hair girl. “I wasn’t paying attention too.” As she said that she went away. For some reason Thomas felt like something important happened. He was just thinking about what exactly had happened when his phone rang:

“Ah man where the heck are you?” Richie sounded as if he was really annoyed.

“I’m on my way already,” went Thomas faster because he knew that Richie attracts too many people.

“Gosh I thought I’d been eaten alive!” cried almost Richie.

“Haha a good friend would spare his best friend but you…” whispered Thomas because he felt that both of them attracted even more looks. “Let’s go.” They had planned to have a bowling game. They went into a new opened bowling center. There were neon lights all over the place while  music was played in the background. The place belonged to Richie’s friend.

“Wow it’ s spacious!” Thomas was amazed.

“Well what else could you have awaited from Anne?” laughed Richie.

“Hi Chris!” greeted Anne.

“We were just speaking about you!” hugged Richie Anne.

“You must have badmouthed me again!” laughed Anne.

“Oh you have a radar for that?” teased Richie Anne.

“You…!” hit Anne Richie’s shoulder.

“Haha I almost forgot Anne this is Thomas and Tom this is Yuliane,” introduced Richie Thomas and Yuliane.

“Hi and welcome,” smiled Yuliane at Thomas.

“Superb place,” nodded Thomas.

“Okay, okay now that the introduction is over… let’s go play!” grabbed Richie both Thomas and Yuliane. Yuliane showed them around and suggested to order the house’s special. The bowling center was connected with a restaurant. Yuliane went away to welcome other people. Thomas and Richie hanged there about for two more hours.

“Hey man let’s hang out sometime again!” waved happily and lightly drunk Richie. Thomas thought that Richie’s mood had to do something with Yuliane.  As for Thomas… he couldn’t forget the blond hair girl…



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